Eagle Bowmen Archery Club

Founded in 1998

Beginners Archery Course

Experienced or not, young or not so young - you are all welcome.

Beginners Lessons are held at various times throughout the year depending on demand and the cost is £60.  You will be taught by our own qualified Coaches covering all the basics of archery from safety through to shooting successfully at a target. We provide all the equipment you need and if you decide to join the club and continue to shoot with us you are able to use our equipment until you purchase your own. The use of equipment is free for the first 6 months and then it costs an extra £1 per person each night you shoot.

There are six 1 hour sessions that you need to attend before joining the club. We have a variety of bow types that you can try out once you have completed your lessons, to help you decide which style to take up. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult.

Should you decide to join Eagle Bowmen there is an annual fee payable, which also gives you membership to Archery GB, affiliation with Cumbria County Archery Association and the Northern Counties Archery Society. This then gives you insurance to shoot at club and enter competitions.

Beginners archery course

For more details on our Beginners Course, you need to speak to Chris Battersby.

Phone: 01768 877 403
E-mail: chrisb8491@outlook.com