Eagle Bowmen Archery Club

Founded in 1998

Club Challenges

Go on surprise yourself - have a go and have some fun!

Eagle run various challenges throughout the season where you can try and gain badges for different rounds and different scores. It’s a great way for novices to get used to scoring and competitions and for all levels of ability to set yourself a challenge and see how you are improving. It’s also a lot of fun and has proven to be very popular, with some friendly rivalries amongst some of the Eagles striving to be the best!

These can all be shot at club nights or as part of a longer round in a competition. You get an end of sighters and must be scored by someone else to count. Once achieved badges are given out at Club at the end of each month.

There are other challenges but you will have to get yourself along to club to find out more !

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Shoot a Portsmouth round and you can gain a badge for scoring 350, 400, 450, 500, 525, 550, 575 and 600.

If the first score you achieve is higher than 400, for example, you will only receive a 400 badge and not a 350!!

A Portsmouth round is 5 dozen arrows, shot at 20 yards, with 10 zone scoring.

ALEX ORTON18/11/201927/11/201911/02/2018
AMEE FREEMAN12/10/2020
ANDY CARR10/11/2013
BEKS PARRY09/02/201416/02/2017
BEV LOVE15/10/202016/12/2020
BRADLEY RIDPATH26/09/201628/11/2016
CHRIS MACKAY10/11/201316/02/2014
DENISE LOBLEY12/12/201612/02/201706/03/2017
DOUG JAMES17/10/2016
ERIC BURCOW12/10/2020
HELEN LANKA18/11/2019
JAMES ARMSTRONG16/12/201903/02/2020
JAMES THOMPSON27/09/201810/12/201818/03/201924/10/2019
JAMIE JOHNSTON10/11/201316/01/201410/04/201404/04/201618/11/2018
JEFF WARD27/09/201810/11/2018
JENNIE TYSON04/03/2020
JULIA BURCOW12/10/2020
JUNE HOUGHTON28/02/201906/03/2019
MIKE CHILDS12/12/2016
MIKE SMITH03/02/2020
NEIL DENT10/11/201320/01/2014
NIGEL GOUGH04/10/201806/12/201828/01/201928/02/2019
PETE RIDPATH01/12/2014
PETER POTTS07/03/201904/04/2019
RICHARD SANT13/12/2018
STEVE LOBLEY17/10/2016
STEVEN CHETWYND12/12/201814/10/2020

All official achievements are held by the Club Tournament Organiser. The info on this page is subject to error!