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Founded in 1998

Club Championship

Get involved and look what you could win at the end of the year!

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The Club Championship runs throughout the year from October. Any member of Eagle Bowmen can take part. Points are available for various things. There are monthly competitions on a club night which can be done on any of the club practice nights that particular week. It is based on a handicap system with additional points being awarded to the first ten. It’s also a great way to have a go at the various different rounds available and to practice scoring.

Points are also awarded for the following:

Entering a Competition (including club monthly ones) = 1 point
Entering a UK Record Status Competition = 2 points
Entering a World Record Status Competition = 3 points
Points are then awarded accordingly for coming 1st – 10th in a competition, in your own discipline.

There are also various other awards to be won which are given out at the end of the year at the Christmas Awards Meal. It’s a great night out and as the points are kept a ‘secret’ throughout the year it can be a complete surprise to those getting an award.

Club Championship - 2023

Club Championship Senior Winner – Bev Love

Club Championship Junior Winner – Jessica Burcow

Club Championship Novice Winner – Helen Huyton

Club Championship Award

His or Hers Award - 2023

Awarded to the top archer of the opposite sex to the Club Championship Senior Winner.

Jimmy Thompson

Try Try Again Award

Club 4th Place Winner - 2023

Awarded for coming soo close to the top three, but finishing in the worst place – 4th…

Eric Burcow

Try Try Again Award

Monthly Club Competitions - 2023

Awarded to the highest overall score for the monthly club competitions throughout the year.

Jimmy Thompson

Monthly Club Competitions

AGB Handicap Improvement Medal - 2023

Awarded to the club member that achieves the greatest outdoor handicap improvement over the year.

Bev Love & Alan White

Fledgeling Award Senior - 2022

Awarded to the novice senior archer, having been a member for about 6 months, that shows a lot of promise.

Dan Pattimore

Fledging Award

Fledgeling Award Junior - 2022

Awarded to the novice junior archer, having been a member for about 6 months, that shows a lot of promise.

Arlo Baker

Fledging Award

Achievement Award - 2023

Awarded to the archer gaining the most club awards (eg. badges, records and achievements) throughout the year.

Bev Love

Achievement Award

Dedication Award - 2023

Awarded to the archer who has put in the most work in over the year.

Ian Huyton

Oops Award - 2023

Awarded to the archer who has a catastrophe in the year, a classic ‘oops’ moment.

Felicity Park

Oops Award

Try, Try Again Award - 2023

Awarded when someone keeps on trying, despite not quite getting there, again and again… 

Eric Burcow

Try Try Again Award

Handicap Competitions - 2023

Two competitions held once throughout the year on a club night.

Indoor Handicap - 2023

Shoot 5 different faces, one dozen at each.

Helen Huyton

Outdoor Handicap - 2023

Shoot 5 targets at 5 different distances with 5 different target faces.

Jessica Burcow

Outdoor Handicap

Overall Highest Handicap Score - 2023

The combined highest score for both the indoor and outdoor handicap competitions.

Jessica Burcow

Overall Highest Score - Handicap

Club "Thank You" Trophy - 2022

Awarded every two years to the person who has worked especially hard for the club.

Jimmy Thompson (2022)

Club Thank You Trophy

Club Championship Archive

Club Championship SeniorAndy CarrAndy CarrAndy CarrAndy CarrAndy CarrAndy CarrAndy CarrAndy CarrJulia BurcowBev Love
Club Championship JuniorLuke WestNot AwardedMatthew McConkeyBradley RidpathBradley RidpathBradley RidpathBradley RidpathBradley RidpathJessica BurcowJessica Burcow
Club Championship NoviceNeil DentJamie JohnstonPete RidpathDoug JamesJoshua JohnstonJeff WardJimmy ThompsonArlo BarkerHelen Huyton
Monthly Club CompetitionsAndy CarrAndy CarrJimmy ThompsonJimmy ThompsonJimmy Thompson
AGB Outdoor Handicap MedalAndy CarrAndy CarrNot AwardedDoug JamesRichard SantJimmy ThompsonJessica BurcowBev Love & Alan White
Indoor Handicap CompetitionDenise LobleySteve LobleyAlex OrtonClara DickinsonHelen Huyton
Outdoor Handicap CompetitionJamie JohnstonAndy CarrJoshua JohnstonAndy CarrAndy CarrDoug JamesEric BurcowJessica Burcow
Overall Highest Combined Handicap ScoreAndy CarrJamie JohnstonDoug JamesClara DickinsonJessica Burcow
Fledgeling Award SeniorPete RidpathSteve LobleyLochlan KirkwoodAndy PeacockJimmy ThompsonCraig MallinsonDan Pattimore
Fledgeling Award JuniorFrank KellyAdam ThompsonArlo Baker
Oops AwardChris MacKayAngela CargillJamie JohnstonRichard SantJamie Johnston & Andy CarrChris BattersbyNigel GoughFelicity Park
Try, Try Again AwardSimon BuckelyRoland CargillNeil DentDoug JamesNigel CloughNot AwardedIan HuytonEric Burcow
His or Hers AwardAngela CargillJimmy ThompsonJimmy Thompson
Achievement AwardAndy CarrAllison McCullockSteve LobleyMike WarwickJamie JohnstonTony WindleJessica BurcowBev Love
Dedication AwardBeks ParryBeks ParryPete RidpathChris BattersbyNeil DentTony WindleJimmy ThompsonIan Huyton
Club 4th Place WinnerNigel GoughEric Burcow
Thank You (2 years)Andy CarrBeks ParryJimmy Thompson