Eagle Bowmen Archery Club

Founded in 1998

Club Records

Highest scores achieved within the club in various rounds

Club Records are achieved at any shoot organised by any club, county, region, national or normal club night.  Scores should be submitted to the Club Tournament Office – original score card or results. 

Latest records are highlighted in yellow. 
(1 indicates disabled archers record.)

FITA 18 - 600 Max
Ladies RecurveMichelle Wilcock48908.10.07
Ladies CompoundAllison McCullock55126.11.17
Ladies LongbowMichelle Wilcock22916.02.11
Ladies BarebowAudrey Battersby29019.03.12
Gents RecurveKen Wilcock54218.10.07
Gents CompoundMichal Trojek57925.11.18
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr55717.02.13
Gents LongbowRichard Rhodes37630.11.08
Gents Barebow (1)Ivor Nelson22630.10.16
J/Ladies U18 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow42230.10.22
J/Gents U18 RecurveMartin Rhodes47225.11.07
J/Gents U18 CompoundLuke West45219.03.12
J/Gents U16 RecurveAron Henderson47426.11.07
J/Gents U14 CompoundGraham Leslie25027.11.11
J/Gents U12 CompoundBradley Ridpath43830.10.16
J/Gents U12 BarebowGeorge Thomson19509.10.07
J/Gents U10 RecurveBrandon Douglass17123.03.12
Ladies RecurveSara Brown54015.12.08
Ladies CompoundAllison McCullock58211.02.18
Ladies LongbowRoss Elliot44422.01.07
Ladies BarebowJan Rhodes42411.02.07
Gents RecurveKen Wilcock57729.09.08
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr57417.02.19
Gents CompoundMichal Trojek59210.02.19
Gents LongbowRichard Rhodes49205.11.07
Gents BarebowRichard Hayes49109.11.22
Gents Barebow (1)Ivor Welsh-Nelson46012.02.17
J/Gents U18 RecurveMartin Rhodes54322.03.07
J/Ladies U18 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow51004.04.22
J/Gents U16 RecurveAron Henderson55020.03.08
J/Ladies U16 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow17512.10.20
J/Gents U16 CompoundLuke West44520.11.11
J/Gents U14 RecurveLochlan Kirkwood38211.02.18
J/Gents U14 CompoundBradley Ridpath53528.11.16
J/Gents U14 LongbowFrank Kelly34013.02.19
J/Gents U12 CompoundBradley Ridpath51426.09.16
Ladies RecurveBeks Parry72509.02.14
Ladies CompoundAllison McCullock115411.02.18
Gents RecurvePaul McCullock110902.11.14
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr114117.02.19
Gents CompoundMichal Trojek117718.11.18
FITA 25 - 600 Max
Ladies RecurveMichelle Wilcock47327.11.11
Ladies CompoundAllison McCullock54926.11.17
Ladies LongbowAngela Cargill11527.11.11
Gents RecurveKen Wilcock52330.11.08
Gents CompoundMichal Trojek57125.11.18
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr55717.02.13
Gents LongbowRichard Rhodes41226.11.07
J/Ladies U18 Compund (1)Jessica Burcow40427.11.22
J/Gents U18 RecurveMartin Rhodes46025.11.07
J/Gents U18 CompoundLuke West43025.11.12
J/Gents U16 RecurveAron Henderson49725.11.07
J/Gents U14 CompoundGraham Leslie26027.11.11
STAFFORD - 720 Max
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr66218.03.18
Ladies RecurveBev Love25208.01.23
Ladies CompoundAllison McCullock28408.12.14
Ladies LongbowJoan Hulme9223.02.12
Ladies BarebowAudrey Battersby16420.02.12
Gents RecurveSteven Chetwynd27208.01.23
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr29930.12.18
Gents CompoundTony Windle30026.09.19
Gents LongbowKen Wilcock22025.03.13
Gents BarebowRichard Hayes22623.10.22
J/Gents U18 RecurveArlo Barker15026.10.22
J/Gents U14 RecurveLochlan Kirkwood17613.04.17
J/Ladies U18 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow23714.03.22
J/Gents U18 CompoundBradley Ridpath25909.01.22
J/Gents U16 CompoundLuke West20423.02.12
J/Gents U14 CompoundBradley Ridpath26321.11.16
J/Gents U12 CompoundBradley Ridpath23113.04.15
Gents RecurveChris Battersby40730.12.18
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr59530.12.18
VEGAS - 600 Max
Ladies RecurveMichelle Wilcock39417.12.12
Ladies CompoundBeks Parry40120.03.17
Ladies BarebowAudrey Battersby19917.12.12
Gents RecurveNeil Dent43416.12.13
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr54813.01.13
Gents LongbowRichard Rhodes29316.12.13
J/Gents U18 CompoundLuke West40517.12.12
J/Gents U16 RecurveMatthew McConkey10216.12.13
J/Gents U14 RecurveLochlan Kirkwood24223.03.17
J/Gents U12 CompoundHector Fry13823.03.17
Ladies RecurveMichelle Wilcock93927.11.11
Ladies CompoundAllison McCullock110326.11.17
Ladies LongbowAngela Cargill27927.11.11
Gents RecurveKen Wilcock104230.11.08
Gents CompoundMichal Trojek115025.11.18
Gents Compound 1Andy Carr111417.02.13
Gents LongbowRichard Rhodes75526.11.06
J/Ladies U18 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow76427.11.22
J/Gents U18 RecurveMartin Rhodes93227.11.07
J/Gents U18 CompndLuke West85025.11.12
J/Gents U16 RecurveAron Henderson97025.11.07
J/Gents U14 CompndGraham Leslie51027.11.11
BRAY 1 - 300 Max
Ladies RecurveBev Love25208.01.23
Ladies CompoundHelen Huyton14608.01.23
Gents RecurveSteven Chetwynd27008.01.23
Gents CompoundMichal Trojek28409.01.22
Gents LongbowMike Nilsson18109.01.22
Gents BarebowDan Pattimore17408.01.23
J/Ladies U18 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow23708.01.23
J/Gents U18 CompoundBradley Ridpath23509.01.22
BRAY 2 - 300 Max
Ladies RecurveBev Love25208.01.23
Ladies CompoundHelen Huyton14608.01.23
Gents RecurveSteven Chetwynd27008.01.23
Gents CompoundMichal Trojek28209.01.22
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr26708.01.23
Gents LongbowMike Nilsson17509.01.22
Gents BarebowDan Pattimore17908.01.23
J/Ladies U18 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow21308.01.23
J/Gents U18 CompoundBradley Ridpath25009.01.22
Ladies RecurveBev Love75608.01.23
Ladies CompoundHelen Huyton39008.01.23
Gents RecurveSteven Chetwynd79008.01.23
Gents Compound (1)Andy Carr79108.01.23
Gents BarebowDan Pattimore53608.01.23
J/Ladies U18 Compound (1)Jessica Burcow66908.01.23

Last updated 9th March 2023

All official records are held by the Club Tournament Organiser. The information on this page is subject to error!