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Cumbria County Archery

See what you can get involved in as part of Cumbria County Archery Association

As a member of Eagle Bowmen you are also a member of Cumbria County Archery Association. Throughout the year there are County events which you can all shoot at. There is always opportunity to help out at these events if you are not shooting  – competitions are not everyone’s cup of tea after all.

There are also Inter-County Events where you could be fortunate enough to be picked for the County Team to take part in.

Cumbria County Archery

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Throughout the year the County runs Squad days. These are open to anyone who aspires to shoot for the County. Speak to Chris at club if you would like to attend. The Squad Days give an opportunity for further training and advice from a range of sources, a chance to meet others from all the county clubs who you may end up shooting with if you are picked for the team and a chance for further practice for the Inter County Shoots.

Squad Days are free to attend and are usually held at Eamont Bridge Village Hall in winter and Hunter Hall playing field in Summer, from 10am-4pm.

Inter County Shoots

There are two inter county target competitions that CCAA enters a team for. York and Hereford Rounds Shot.

The Pentangle – usually in June. Five teams take part, CCAA, Durham and Northumberland Archery Association, Eastern Scotland, Western Scotland and Northern Scotland.

NCAS Inter County Shoot – 1st Weekend in October. The Northern Counties Archery Association comprises Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland, Yokshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and the Isle of Man.  

There is one Clout competition that the CCAA enters a team for.

NCAS Inter County Shoot  usually in September.

Eagles, fancy shooting for the County Team? - here’s what you do…

  • Speak to Chris at the Club
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Attend the Squad Days
  • Send relevant scores to the Squad Manager

Never give up and keep on enjoying your archery!

The County team is chosen from scores submitted and then availability – so keep sending your scores and put the dates in your diaries and keep them free. Remember – if you don’t make it you can still help out and offer encouragement and assistance to those that do.

Remember to check out the County website for all information and details